Senior Housing Development

Senior Housing Development – Creating Places People Want to Be

Development is a creative process that transforms big ideas into big successes. Our team has over ten years experience in senior housing development and understands how to move a project from conception through construction. Once a development concept is envisioned, the gap between the idea and the execution must be bridged. Our formula to bridge the gap is our ability to walk an intricate path, anticipating every contingency and overcoming every challenge, one step at a time. We maintain a clear focus on the end and deliver creative solutions to complex problems.

Delivering Results, Creating Value

We know that no two senior housing developments are the same, and each project presents unique opportunities and challenges. We strive to understand the particular factors our client’s face and create environments that match their vision.
Our seasoned senior housing development team provides a full spectrum of ground up development services, including:  
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project planning, oversight, and management
  • Designing
  • Negotiating construction contracts & monitoring their progress
  • Building
  • Community planning
  • Obtaining entitlements and approvals

Unlocking Value Through Senior Housing Repositioning

Many seasoned senior housing operators are facing the challenge of appealing to new residents to fill their vacancies when competing with newly developed communities. The rapid growth in seniors housing construction is making the market extremely competitive, as seniors are attracted to the look and feel of new construction. Transforming an aging community into a competitive property takes careful evaluation and vision to determine the key areas needing upgrading or changing. We understand that no two communities are the same, and every property has a unique story.

Senior Housing Development Is About Making Your Ideas Happen

Our senior housing development and architectural and team begin with a detailed understanding of your goals and property specifics to determine where your community fits in the market. We analyze the real estate, the facility, and the operations to develop a multi-point assessment and deliver a repositioning strategy to refresh and rejuvenate your community. The senior housing finance team provides an analysis to present different strategic options based on current and future goals of the community, looking at factors such as interest rate, variability, term, financial covenants, and future flexibility.

Areas of Evaluation

Real Estate Repositioning

  • Land Acquisition
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Development Opportunities
  • Level of Care Transitioning

Financial Analysis

  • Debt & Equity Structure Analysis
  • Cash Out Refinance
  • Renovation & Expansion Financing
  • Merger & Acquisition Opportunities

Facility Realignment

  • Waste Stream Monetization
  • Renovate Sterile & Outdated Environments
  • Unit Mix Analysis
  • Service Mix Evaluation & Amenity Potential

Download our Booklet on Repositioning Services

Download the Zenith Capital booklet to learn more about our strategies for repositioning an aging senior housing community. Whether or not a problem has been identified; our repositioning team can assist you in the analysis, feasibility, and the redevelopment of your community that aligns with your goals and expectations.

Service Specialties

Commercial Real Estate and Senior Housing Finance
M&A Advisory Service
development services

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