Senior Housing

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Capital Structured for Seniors Housing Operators & Developers

We earned our reputation by providing compelling capital solutions and advisory services for seniors housing operators. Our team financed over 4O seniors housing developments since 2003, so we have a broad understanding of the complexities involved in the development process. We leverage our seniors housing experience to underwrite sophisticated financing solutions that enable you to capitalize on market opportunities. Our structures are designed to not only meet your capital needs but also to ensure that you retain more control of the deal. Our solutions benefit you with more control, lower project costs, and in many cases, reduce or waive personal guarantees.

A Better Solution

Our solutions benefit our clients with more control, lower project costs, and reduced or waived personal guarantees, enabling you to grow your portfolio faster.

More ownership and control

Because the investment priorities are not strictly financial, Zenith structures investments to convey more ownership and control to our operator and development partners.
Better Ownership Control
Capital Stack

Lower Cost Over Life of Project

Our strategies reduce the debt costs of the project and increase monthly cash flows. The project team, those with the best information, remain in control to direct the project’s destiny, not a Wall Street lawyer.

Reduce or Eliminate the Need for Personal Guarantees

Banks do not take risk. When construction loan leverage approaches 60% or more, banks require substantial personal guarantees. We work diligently to structure the capital optimally and help sponsors limit guarantees.
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Triple Your Portfolio

Our innovative capital stack lowers the contributed capital required of a project sponsor. Our 50/40/10 capital stack is designed to enable an operator or developer to spread their capital across more projects.

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